We are a research-driven firm, investing in marketplace lending.

ILA is a registered investment advisor focussed on delivering value to the client. ILA Capital has built their own proprietary loan selection algorithms and analytics, giving investors unrivalled ability to invest in marketplace lending.

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why us

Our core values are driven by a desire to give investors the transparency and understanding of the emerging pace of marketplace lending markets.

Our focus is to provide insight and access to investors who are looking for independent advice on this asset class.



We follow a stringent Code of Ethics that puts the interests our clients first and foremost.



We act for investors in marketplace lending. We are agnostic to platform, to borrower type and to borrower geography. We strive to offer the investor advice and insight in how to navigate this growing asset class.



Our value proposition is inherent in delivering a deep analytical understanding of the marketplace lending market. We have a passion to use deep statistical analysis and machine learning to build investment portfolios that can deliver higher returns for a given risk level.



We support our clients in understanding the key metrics and risks of their marketplace lending portfolio.