Why Us

How we invest is changing. Technology is creating more opportunities for investors to get access to new asset classes.

ILA Capital offers investors a research driven approach that provides exposure to this growing space of marketplace lending opportunities.

what is marketplace lending?

Marketplace lending allows investors to lend directly to borrowers.

Although forms of marketplace lending have been around for some time, platforms that allow investors open access to invest began in 2006 and have now been going for over ten years.

As marketplace lending began to grow, investors saw the potential for strong, consistent yields but for institutional style investors, this new asset class presented many challenges. These investors had limited experience in choosing loans, in investing through online platforms and in understanding both risks and returns

ILA solved these challenges

ILA Capital works closely with marketplace lending platforms to access, review and purchase loans directly from the platforms.

ILA Capital has built an internal research and analytics offering that allows loan selection to be done using deep learning techniques using statistical modelling to better allocate capital. Loan selection is a key component in investing in marketplace lending and this is where ILA Capital is heavily focused, building an internal proprietary system which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to choose loans which are most likely to outperform. ILA believes that marketplace lending will continue to grow with an increasing amount of borrowers looking to borrow directly from an investor rather than going through an intermediary.