Applying Advanced Technology to Credit Portfolio Management

Investment Management
is Evolving...

How we invest is changing. Technology presents a game changing opportunity to investors, allowing them access to new asset classes. ILA Capital allows investors to stay ahead of the curve.
Statistical Modelling Meets Private Credit

How ILA Capital Invests...

We use our expertise in statistical modelling to better allocate capital in private credit and mitigate the risks that are prevalent in standard credit offerings, allowing investors to explore fixed income with lowered risk and increased confidence.


Led by Dr. Lauren Cohen, PhD, L.E Simmons Chaired Professor of Finance at Harvard Business School, ILA's research is built to last. See our latest insights below and register to receive our research updates.
ILA Capital combines a deep analytics research background with a strong trading background to bring investors access to market opportunities that others do not see.

Slide RESEARCH BASED INVESTING​ We built ILA to give investors access to this growing asset class by leveraging technology. — Tom Grant MSc / ILA Capital

Slide Building out credit models using machine learning allows ILA to maximize the reward/risk ratio for our investors. RESEARCH BASED INVESTING​ — David Kim / ILA Capital CTO

Slide There are some innovations that once adopted, can never be put back in the box. Marketplace lending is precisely one of these. Those who fail to embrace it, risk willfully divorcing themselves from what will define today's, tomorrow's, and a substantial fraction of all future solutions shaping the lending space. RESEARCH BASED INVESTING​ — Lauren Cohen, PhD / ILA Capital Founder

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ILA Capital was formed with a focus on research in the alternative fixed income space. Check out our latest research pieces.